Willogoleche Hill




Number of turbines 26   Av. households supplied 39,076 households
Rating of turbines 3 MW Carbon dioxide saved:    
Wind farm size 78 MW        CO2 displacement 200,884 tonnes p.a.
Predicted output 239,148 MWhr p.a.            
Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 35.00%.

The Regional Council of Goyder granted Development Planning Consent to Wind Prospect Pty Ltd in November 2004.  In 2007/08 this project was purchased by International Power. 

The Willogoleche Hill Wind Farm is located on pre-dominantly grazing land, approx 5km from the town of Hallett in Mid North South Australia.  The site has approval for a total of 26 turbines with a capacity of between 2-3MW, providing the project with a total potential capacity of 52-78MW. 





Aerial map of Willogoleche Hill

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