Hallett 2




Number of turbines 34   Av. households supplied 35,770 households
Rating of turbines 2.10 MW Carbon dioxide saved:    
Wind farm size 71.40 MW        CO2 displacement 183,886 tonnes p.a.
Predicted output 218,912 MWhr p.a.            
Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 35.00%.

The Hallett Hill Wind Farm (also known as Hallett 2) shadows the township of Mt Bryan, the birthplace of Sir Hubert Wilkins.

Sir Hubert Wilkins (31 October 1888 - 30 November 1958) is a forgotten hero. He was an amazing pioneer aviator, explorer and adventurer, yet unfortunately, most Australians know little of his incredible life. He was an Australian polar explorer, ornithologist, pilot, soldier, geographer and photographer. Some of his most distinguished feats include:

  • 1912 - capturing the first ever combat on film, at 24 years of age he filmed battles during the Balkans War
  • 1916 - joined the armed forces, where he was appointed an official photographer for the Australian Flying Corps
  • 1928 – carried out the first ever trans-Arctic flight from Alaska to Spitzbergen (3350km) in 205 hours. He was subsequently knighted as a result. This year he also completed the first ever Antarctic flight
  • 1929 - the first and probably only Australian to circumnavigate Earth by airship, when he completed a 22 day round-the-world journey in the airship Graf Zeppelin
  • 1931 - He made the first ever under-ice voyage by submarine, navigating the Nautilus (which he bought from the US Navy for $1), under the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole

It is also built opposite the lone house featured on Midnight Oils iconic Album cover, “Diesel and Dust”.

 Hallett is located in the Mid-North of South Australia.

This project has been embraced by the local community, particularly the townships of Mt Bryan, Burra, Hallett and Jamestown (which is circa the site of the upcoming Hallett 4 windfarm.) The project received Development Planning Consent in 2004, and construction was completed in 2009.

Project Manager

Ray Rysbergen




The Mid-North: grid connectivity, roads, community support, elevated treeless terrain, and good wind

Hallett Hill Wind Farm under construction

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