Boco Rock




Number of turbines 67   Av. households supplied 50,421 households
Rating of turbines 1.70 MW Carbon dioxide saved:    
Wind farm size 113.90 MW        Min CO2 displacement 293,343 tonnes p.a.
Predicted output 349,217 MWhr p.a.        Max CO2 displacement 293,343 tonnes p.a.
Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 35.00%.

The Boco Rock Wind Farm will be located 10km south west of Nimmitabel, and 30km north of Bombala, in New South Wales.  Full details are shown on the community website set up for the project which can be viewed at

The wind farm would also consist of ancillary structures and equipment which would be positioned in accordance with site constraints. These include underground electrical cabling, access tracks, wind measuring masts, a small switch gear building, and temporary/compound facilities during the construction phase. 

This is the first NSW Wind Farm Development project for the Wind Prospect office in Newcastle.

When first announced in September 2008 the project consisted of up to 73 turbines spread over 9 different properties. Stakeholder responses to this announcement have resulted in some major changes to the proposal. Together with more detailed grid connection studies, ongoing wind monitoring, other project related studies and discussions with turbine manufacturers, we have been able to modify the scale of the proposed project and the area on which the wind farm will be situated.

The consented project now comprises of a wind farm with up to 122 wind turbines with a maximum capacity in the order of 200 MW.

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Project Manager

Ed Mounsey




Boco Rock
Wind Farm
The Boco Rock Wind Farm will be located 10km south west of Nimmitabel in NSW

Nimmitabel Primary School show their support for wind energy with a human turbine in the playground

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