Bicker Fen




Number of turbines 13   Av. households supplied 14,592 households
Rating of turbines 2 MW Carbon dioxide saved:    
Wind farm size 26 MW        CO2 displacement 37,466 tonnes p.a.
Predicted output 61,723 MWhr p.a.            
Note: The capacity factor used in these calculations is 27.10%.

Following extensive public consultation and technical assessment, Wind Prospect submitted a planning application to Boston Borough Council for a wind farm at Bicker Fen in March 2003. The proposal, consisting of thirteen 2 MW turbines with a total generating capacity of 26MW of green power, was given the green light by the Planning Committee in September 2003, with Councillors voting 12-0 in favour of the project.

As well, an on-site investigation to assess the ground conditions has been conducted. Wind Prospect developed turnkey contracts with partners SIIF Energies for the project.

The project was commissioned in 2008.




Bicker from Cow Bridge

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