Wind Prospect is driving a new approach to wind measurement by supplying Second Wind's Triton Sonic Wind Profiler for hire in South Africa and Poland.

The Triton is an advanced SODAR (sound detection and ranging) device that uses sound pulses together with complex calculations based on Doppler shift to measure wind speeds at heights of up to 200m. This provides a shear profile validation across the entire blade sweep of today's largest wind turbines.

With approaching 400  commercial Tritons installed in 30 countries on six continents since its launch in April 2008, Triton is now the wind industry’s leading remote sensing system.

Triton’s ability to deliver value throughout every phase of a wind project is being proven by the range of applications our customers are using it for, including:  

  • Early stage prospecting and pre-assessment
  • As an alternative to additional met masts to better understand the wind resource of a site
  • Micro-siting
  • Reducing uncertainties associated with hub-height and above shear profiles
  • Reducing wind flow modelling uncertainties
  • Improving understanding of high-height anomalous wind events such as shear and veer at operational wind farms
  • Short term forecasting

With its ease of installation and relocation, (no need for planning permission and low visibility compared to  traditional monitoring masts),  extremely low power requirement, and user-friendly SkyServe data access portal, Triton  is rapidly proving itself to be the  most practical, reliable and affordable remote sensing option available adding significant value to wind farm developments. To hire a Triton SODAR unit for 1 month or more in South Africa or Poland, please contact us.

Triton SODAR

Triton SODAR

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