Growth in the UK hydro industry is expected to deliver an estimated 300MW of installed capacity in England & Wales and 1200MW in Scotland.

With almost two decades of experience in developing renewable energy projects worldwide, Wind Prospect is ideally positioned to play a role in this growth industry, assisting clients with project development, engineering and construction.

Hydro projects are smaller and more environmentally sensitive than some other renewable energy projects, but share many development and construction issues with onshore wind projects. Wind Prospect’s experience and knowledge in this area allows us to assist in the delivery of any hydro project - from initial site appraisal to construction and operation.

Project layouts and the technologies deployed depend on many different constraints including available natural resources, constructability, grid connection and finance arrangements. The key to developing these projects successfully is to balance all the constraints.

Wind Prospect are unique in the renewables industry given our history, ownership and background, providing a tailored and bespoke planning, engineering or managerial arrangement for any project, and have established links to many existing renewable suppliers and financiers across the world.

Untapped Scottish Resource

Untapped Scottish Resource

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