The mid-north of South Australia is becoming the hub of wind energy in Australia largely due to Wind Prospect’s development team.

In 2008 the Premier of South Australia opened both the 95MW Hallett 1 wind farm and the 99MW Snowtown 1 wind farms. Meanwhile, the construction of the Hallett 2 wind farm is now complete, which consists of an additional 34 Suzlon 2.1MW turbines.


Consented Projects

19 sites, 2,544MW

YearWind FarmOwnerStateTotal MWUnitsTurbine Rating
2013SapphireWind Prospect CWPNew South Wales270tbatba
2013Barn Hill VariationAGLSouth Australia186623
2012YandinConfidentialWestern Australia338.40943.60
2011Waddi Wind Farm and Solar PlantTrust PowerWestern Australia80tbatba
2011Solar DawnSolar Dawn / Wind Prospect CWPQueensland250tbatba
2011Willogoleche Hill ExtensionSouth Australia33113
2010Boco RockWind Prospect CWPNew South Wales113.90671.70
2009Hallett 4AGLSouth Australia132.30632.10
2004Snowtown IITrustPowerSouth Australia270903
2004Hallett 2AGLSouth Australia71.40342.10
2004Hallett 5AGLSouth Australia52.50252.10
2004Willogoleche HillInternational PowerSouth Australia78263
2004Snowtown ITrustPowerSouth Australia100.80482.10
2004HallettAGLSouth Australia94.50452.10
2002CanundaInternational PowerSouth Australia46232
2002Mt MillarTarong EnergySouth Australia70352
2002Troubridge PointOrigin EnergySouth Australia30152
2001Green PointWind ProspectSouth Australia54183
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