Advisory Services


Wind resource assessment

Obtaining an accurate wind resource assessment is crucial to the long-term profitability of a wind farm project. The wind speed and design of the turbine layout is key to the long-term viability and profitability of a wind farm project. Careful measurement of the wind speed at the site is analysed by our wind resource team, and used to model the wind flow across the entire project area. This can then be used to optimise the design of the wind farm and choice of turbine, and produce bankable P50 and P90 yield predictions.

Our highly skilled wind resource team has assessed the wind energy resource and site conditions worldwide. We have specialists in WindPro, WindFarmer, WAsP and CFD. 

In addition to our wind resource assessments, our wind resource team offers site conditions assessments and general wind service consultancy. We also provide measurement campaign management, assisting clients in the installation and monitoring of meteorological masts, Lidar and Sodar units. Our highly trained experts are available to ensure that any wind measurement campaign is performed to industry standards and that the wind data from the monitoring station is bankable and reliable.

Solar resource assessment

In addition to wind, our resource team can also offer solar resource assessment, including:

  • Installation and monitoring of insolation measuring equipment
  • Analysis and modelling of on-site and satellite solar data
  • Design and optimisation of solar photovoltaic project layouts

We use a variety of solar insolation data to minimise uncertainty.Our advisors are trained in the use of solar PV design programs such as PVSyst and the NREL System Advisor Model (SAM), and can produce detailed designs for photovoltaic installations, taking into account the solar resource, horizon at the site and the shading from nearby objects, optimising the choice of solar panel and inverter and predicting an annual yield and performance ratio for the system. This can be performed for both ground-mounted and building-mounted projects.

The advisory services team works independently from the rest of Wind Prospect, but is able to draw on the experience of our colleagues in other parts of the company. 


 Feasibility studies

Wind Prospect has performed a number of feasibility studies for both wind and solar photovoltaic projects, from short desk-based studies highlighting key issues and constraints to development, through to full-scope reports that assess all aspects of the project and prepare the project for the development stage. 

Our feasibility studies can be tailored to suit your needs, past reports have included reviews of: 

  • Wind or solar energy resource
  • Planning and environmental concerns and constraints
  • Site design
  • Access and transportation
  • Risk assessments
  • Site condition assessment
  • Preliminary financial modelling

Feasibility studies can look at a large portfolio of potential sites to highlight the most viable candidates, or focus on one project to ensure that there are no significant outstanding issues before proceeding to development.

Due diligence

Obtaining quality due diligence services during the acquisition, sale or financing of a wind project is essential to ensure that there are no significant issues that could hinder the profitability or viability of a project.

Wind Prospect is recognised as a reputable and qualified advisor for over 22GW of due diligence for developers, banks, investors and utilities including Continental Wind Partners, AGL, International Power, CLP, Malakoff, BNP Paribas Clean Energy Fund, Climate Change Capital, HgCapital, Globaleq, HSBC, Barclays, Triodos, Nedbank, ABSA, Bank of Ireland, Standard Bank of South Africa, EDF Energy Renewables and E.ON.

Wind Prospect has advised on prospective acquisitions and sales of wind projects and portfolios. Through the due diligence process we review the data, the risks and the value from a real world technical and commercial perspective. This includes reviews of:

  • Site location, conditions and access
  • Planning and Permitting
  • Energy yield
  • Technical components
  • Grid connection and electrical systems
  • Supplier and contractor contracts
  • Operation and Maintenance contracts and conditions
  • PPA contracts
  • Financial model

Our services are called upon in a wide range of commercial scenarios: 

  • Project developers 
  • Utilities and Independent Power Producers who are assessing the acquisition of target companies and assets, or preparing sites for financing or sell-on 
  • Investors assessing individual sites or project portfolios 
  • Banks and financial institutions assessing investment opportunities 
  • Organisations assessing potential technology investments







Energy Resource Services Capability Statement 2016

Energy Resource Services Capability Statement 2016

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