Awel Co-op’s Community Wind Farm on track


The development of Awel Co-op’s Wind Farm on Mynydd y Gwrhyd is well under way with the energisation of the wind turbines due to take place next month. Final take over by Awel Co-opas the owner and Enercon for the turbine operations and maintenance is expected to be in January 2017.

“Wind Prospect have been involved in the project since inception” advises Jamie Cornish Wind Prospects’ Senior Engineer assigned to the project. Cornish explains that the project comprises two Enercon E-82 E4 Wind Turbine Generators with an installed capacity of 4.7MW, 59m hub height, and 82m rotor diameter.

The site is located just north of Pontardawe within Neath Port Talbot County Borough. Mynydd y Gwrhyd Wind Farm will supply the equivalent electricity needs of about 2,500 homes. “Our project outlook is always a holistic one in which we take a view how best to construct a project in order to maximise returns and reduce local impact” notes Dan McCallum, Manager at AAT.

McCallum added “Wind Prospect have been absolutely fantastic to work with. Given the time pressures we faced, it is clear to me that our project would not have been built without them. Wind Prospect have provided a range of expertise across the project timeframe including technical due diligence, contract negotiation and then ensured the project was constructed to the highest standards. As a community organisation, we are able to bring the community with us, but we are not specialists in building a wind farm – we were very lucky to have Wind Prospect working alongside us. The most important thing about the team of experts was that they shared our values about the imperative to tackle climate change”.

“We are very happy that our wind farm is forecast to generate an estimated 12,558MWh of clean energy a year” explains McCallum. Our co-op Share Offer has already raised £1.56m and is still open if people would like to invest – visit for more information.

Awel Co-op is recognised in the industry as a pioneering community windfarm scheme who have promoted local benefits from local resources, “it is and has been a privilege to lend our expertise to a project of this scale for Awel Co-op” comments Euan Cameron, CEO Wind Prospect Ltd.


Contact: Katharine Neill