Kazakhstan - The way forward...


The wind energy market in Kazakhstan is young and vibrant. Throughout its development, WP has had the pleasure to work with our local partner 3E (Energy, Ecology, Engineering” LLP) and be involved in almost every project planned in the country since 2011, providing services from data monitoring, energy yield assessment, advisory services and project construction. 

Shevchenko, a 50MW project planned on the coast of the Caspian Sea, near the town of Aktau, is the latest project we have been commissioned with scope of a preliminary energy yield assessment and helping the client understand the economic potential of the project at a very early stage.

For projects such as Kostomar, a 50 MW project near the capital city of Astana and Letovochnoe, a 35MW project in North Kazakhstan, WP has been involved in every step of the development, from planning of measurement campaign, data monitoring to bankable energy yield assessment, helping them grow from just an idea into an attractive project. Yereymentau, a 50MW project located to the east of Astana is further ahead in the development and close to the initiation of construction.



Contact: Matthew Zhang

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