Boco Rock Wind Farm Turbine Components Arrive at site


The first turbine components for Boco Rock Wind Farm near Nimmitabel (New South Wales, Australia) were delivered this week by road from the Port of Eden. CWP Renewables, acting as the Principal’s Representative on behalf of owners EGCO expect turbine installation to begin in May.

Adrian Oakey, CWP Renewables and Manager of the Boco Rock Wind Farm, said:

“This is a major milestone for the project. We have seen Boco Rock from initial development, through financial close to construction. Seeing the turbines arriving on site provides the whole team with a great sense of satisfaction.”

Boco Rock Wind Farm was consented in 2010 and has approval for up to 122 wind turbines. Stage One will comprise 67 GE wind turbines (GE 1.6 MW and 1.7 MW) and will have an installed capacity of 113 MW. Construction began in August 2013 and is expected to be completed by early 2015, with power being delivered to the grid from late 2014.

For each of the 67 wind turbines in Stage One of the wind farm, there are three tower sections, three blades, a nacelle and a hub. At the Port of Eden, the local port being used for ocean shipments, components were unloaded by ship-borne cranes onto trucks on a 24 hour schedule. Transport of loads to site will occur up to six days a week (Mon-Sat) for up to six months. The first shipment comprised tower sections and nacelles, while the second ship is carrying turbine blades, and is currently sitting off the coast of Eden, due to be unloaded in the coming weeks.

The tower sections range in length from 22 to 29 metres and weigh between 34 and 52 tonnes, depending on the section. Each nacelle, which houses the turbine-generator, weighs in the order of 67 tonnes and is the heaviest of the components.

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Boco Rock Turbine Components Arrive at Site

Editors Notes

CWP Renewables

CWP Renewables is a joint-venture between two leading renewable energy developers: Continental Wind Partners and Wind Prospect Group. With over two decades of renewable energy development experience and 5,000 MW of installed capacity across 20 countries - CWP Renewables brings world-class renewable energy development expertise to Australia.

Continental Wind Partners

Continental Wind Partners was established in 2007 to finance the development of wind farms in Romania and Poland. Since then CWP have grown to be a leader in renewable energy development, expanding into the rest of Europe and Australia. Our primary focus remains in wind energy, however we also have interests in solar, hydro, biomass and other renewable energies. Our successful and rapid expansion is based on a proven model of co-operation with local developers, and in NSW this has been Wind Prospect.

Wind Prospect Group

Wind Prospect undertakes all aspects of wind energy development, including design, construction, operation and commercial services. With over 18 years of successful development within the industry, Wind Prospect has been involved in the successful delivery of 2,500 MW, including onshore and offshore projects. The company’s civil, electrical and mechanical engineers have been involved in the commissioning of over 100 wind farms around the world.


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