Cape Town Totals 10.5GW of Advisory Projects


Wind Prospect, has today announced that it has exceeded the 10GW mark for Advisory support in Africa, having secured and completed 98 wind energy contracts, totalling 10.5GW since setting up in Cape Town just three years ago.

With advice and support to major players in Africa - including GE Energy, Globeleq and Portuguese utility, EDP - Wind Prospect’s team has delivered 6.6GW of wind resource work and 3.2GW of due diligence, covering all 3 South African ‘rounds’ and several projects in Kenya.

Due to the nature of the work, many projects remain confidential, but the team is proud to promote their involvement in eight of the Round I South African projects, including Cookhouse (140MW), Jeffrey’s Bay (138MW) and Hopefield (67MW).

Wind Prospect is also construction project manager for Dorper (100MW) and Dassieklip (27MW) with wind turbines going up currently, adding to the 116 wind projects the company has constructed in the past.

Speaking from the WINDaba Conference and Exhibition in Cape Town today, Wind Prospect Africa’s Sian Meath said:

“In the early days, our work was very much about due diligence on Round I projects, but we have grown and developed with the market, delivering a much wider range of services. To pass the 10GW mark is a major milestone for Wind Prospect and we applaud those countries in Africa that have made this possible by establishing a market for growth.”

Wind Prospect is looking now at expansion into Kenya, where the team has already carried out work for GE and Globeleq. They are also keeping a close eye on developments in Namibia and other countries where governments are establishing a healthy environment for renewable energy generation.

“The market in Africa has vast natural resources, ideal for renewable energy generation. But if industry is to invest here, we need to see stable market structures in place to protect investors and encourage expansion by businesses such as Wind Prospect.”

Ms Meath challenged other countries to step up to the plate saying:

“Wind Prospect Africa’s 10.5GW of advice in just 3 years demonstrates the speed at which countries can rapidly establish a market. Now let’s make it happen across Africa.”

Wind Prospect is Project Manager on Dorper Wind Farm, South Africa

Editors Notes

Wind Prospect is exhibiting at stand 3 of Windaba “South Africa’s premier wind energy event”.


Contact: Sian Meath

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